Lucy is amazing and I can not recommend her enough!

Working with Lucy has changed our lives! When Lucy met us we were exhausted parents who never knew when our child would nap or go to sleep. Our little girl was going to bed any time between 7 and 10pm and was waking 3-4 times a night, sometimes for hours at a time! We were exhausted and really starting to struggle! We used to go to bed every night saying ‘I wonder will tonight be the night that she sleeps through?’ After 14 months of this, we realised it wasn’t going to ‘just happen’ and we actively needed to make changes!
From our first consultation with Lucy we were filled with the confidence to make the changes needed to help our little girl sleep the night! She gave us the support and constant reassurance that we needed to succeed! What drew us to working with Lucy is that her approach is so child- centred! As our girl was learning to sleep in the cot on her own we were present in the room with her, verbally and physically comforting her, until she was ready to have less and less support. Never was our little girl left to ‘cry it out’ or upset for long periods of time. All changes were made slowly with lots of support.
We went from having a little girl who could only fall asleep whilst feeding, to a girl who happily lies down in the cot and goes to sleep all on her own! And it is all thanks to Lucy’s guidance! Now our girl is in a consistent routine, getting the sleeps she needs developmentally, and we have loads of energy to enjoy our time with her to the fullest! We can now make plans much more easily because we know exactly when she’s going to wake, nap, eat and sleep! And we no longer dread bedtime! We now love the special time we get to spend with her before bed! Lucy is amazing and I can not recommend her enough!