Lucy was always upfront and honest about everything and kept us on track the whole way

Of all the things that was said to me as a sleep deprived mum, some well meaning some just downright hurtful and totally unhelpful it was my own Mum’s words that made up my mind that I was going to work with Lucy. After spending a Christmas with my parents they witnessed first hand what it was like and what exactly I had been talking about for the first five months of my daughters life, she just didn’t sleep. My mum looked me in the eye and said “look you’ve been through the mill here and I know you have tried everything and your jiggered tired and can’t think straight. You have to look after yourself, please, don’t be too proud to ask for help.”
I cried, but I cried a lot in those days and if your reading this too you’ll know and more importantly you’ll understand. Unless you actually live it you don’t understand the depths of sleep deprivation, the serious relentless kind that just won’t stop and you can’t get out of. The kind that makes you see sides to yourself that are ugly and that will test every ounce of patience you have in your bones. The kind that makes you feel constant guilt as a mum, a wife and a friend. You can feel all the pity in the world for someone going through it, but that’s all, you cant actually help them…… unless of course your Lucy Wolfe.
From our first contact with Lucy she was so warm,understanding and reassuring. She must have sensed our trepidation and fully assured us that we would get there with my little one. It gave us renewed confidence to get cracking and give this one last final shot before we totally gave up and into the idea that we were never going to sleep again.
The process was hard as our daughter put us through our paces but Lucy was always upfront and honest about everything and kept us on track the whole way. Even when I truly thought it just wasn’t working and we were in the danger zone of being the family that were just not fixable, Lucy was so lovely and said she would never leave us high and dry. She was there to stick by me no matter how long it took and assured us that we would get there. Our weekly calls always gave us renewed focus and hope which is exactly what we needed to keep going.
Now here I am writing this a month on when I thought we would never have enough time and she is sleeping through from 7-6.30 most mornings. I still go to sleep thinking this bubble will burst but it hasn’t and I’m loving our new normal. The change in our little girl has been unreal, it’s like we are seeing her true personality shining through for the first time. She is no longer cranky and irritable. She is so smiley and a joy to be around. The whole mood and energy shift in our family dynamic has been wonderful and now finally we are getting the courage to actually plan things like date nights, play dates for my 3year old, family days, holidays. We are not just exiting but enjoying each other again.
So if you have taken the time to read this then go on, just do it, work with Lucy it’s the best decision we made and you’ll be writing your own happy story soon xx