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“I loved the scent it was not over-powering, I used this every night and applied to my body and felt that I went to sleep much quicker and woke refreshed in the morning”

“Sleep Through by Lucy Wolfe is a perfect way to create a bedtime routine with my little girl, I use the relaxing rub before I put her into her pyjamas and spray the bedding too! I feel confident that she has a peaceful night sleep”

“I am a total sceptic, but I was totally happy with this product range! Delighted that it is natural and suitable for all, the scent was divine and my sleep was not as restless through the night”

Hey, since I started using your spray and body rub on my son he is sleeping 12 at night until 6 in the morning and he is only 7 weeks on Friday!, happy baby, happy mummy-I have used it 6 nights in a row and it’s working!”

“Hi Lucy just wanted to let you know of another success thanks to your book and sleep rub and spray.  My 7 month old slept from 730-7 waking only 2 for dummy with stay and support.”

“These products are amazing to help relax and settle my baby son to sleep! They smell amazing! My husband has found the pillow spray great to help him go to sleep.


I was really struggling to get to sleep and even when I got to sleep I couldn’t stay asleep- I was waking up really early too.  This was affecting my mood and mindset-the first night I used the spray it still took a while to got to sleep but I slept without waking until 6am.  I felt much better.  The next night I went to sleep much easier and slept straight through until 7am- I feel amazing!”


Using the spray and the rub last night my 2 year old slept until 630am whereas he would have previously woken at 5am!  My 9 month old son slept to 630am after previously waking at 4.45am.  I credit your products with the success and very grateful for the extra sleep!  Long may it continue and you will have a regular customer! Thank you!”


“I ve been using Sleep Through Spray launched by you on my chest, wrists and feet every night and I find it relaxes and calms me down. Sleeping good as well.  I bought it a month ago and still loads of it left in the bottle, it’s lasting well and great value for €20.”

“Thank you for all the wonderful tips and sharing tour knowledge with us.  We are big fans of your work and follow your book religiously and have recently started using your sleep rub as part of my 5 month olds nightly routine ……love it, it even makes me sleepy as I massage it into her xx”

“I bought Sleep Through body and bed sleep spray and I like to say it help to improve my sleep.  I’m 39 years old and yes it’s not only for babies or children but for adults too. I love it.”