Your book is fantastic.

Your book is fantastic. I’ve read a number of baby sleep book and your book is the best by far; you do something that the rest of the books don’t do which is very important for compliance with the routines/ interventions; you explain why one needs to do x, y or z. You also are a lot more flexible in your approach than a lot of the books which is more appealing to families.”
Firstly I would like to thank you! Thank you for giving us our life back. Before your book my son could wake 20+ times a night sometimes for 10 minutes sometimes for hours, he would cat nap for maybe 20 minutes twice a day and was a constant overtired cranky boots. We were at breaking point and felt we had tried every trick in the book. I really am against letting babies cry it out and felt that this was the only chance left. I had read books and articles listened to all the advice under the sun. Then your book popped up in my suggested reads on Amazon so I gave it a go. Now my happy little boy has 2 decent naps, wakes up refreshed and well rested, he goes to bed at 7 in the evening (best of luck to anyone who dares to keep him up any later) and I have to wake him in the mornings at 7.30! We don’t even have a dummy run!!! It actually only took 4 nights to get a 12 hour stretch of sleep and there was less crying implementing your changes than there was before. I remember sitting on the couch at 7pm on the 4th night and I sent u a DM to thank you. I have said it before and I will say it again your book is like my bible, it has given me my life back, from the bottom of my heart thank you