I used Lucy’s book for my son at 6 months…

Hey there, I used Lucy’s book for my son at 6 months and within 3 nights he was sleeping through the night and within 5 days he was having 2 long naps during the day. Back at work now and having a baby that sleeps the night through every night is just brillaint. I cannot recommend the book enough.

I am a huge advocate of Lucy’s work and book since implementing the strategies after the 4 month sleep regression. Our little boy was finding day time naps an awful struggle but we got Lucy’s plan, stuck to it and it worked a dream! day time then fed into night time and we got ourselves a dream sleeper. I refer to the book regularly when going through age/ nap transitions etc. it is such a useful tool. I preach so much about it that my friends in my mother and baby group think I’m a sleep guru! our ten month old now sleeps over 12 uninterrupted hours each night from 7pm and we are thrilled to have our evenings back! Thanks Lucy