Your book only arrived today…

Hi, Your book only arrived today. But I had been reading your articles over the last few days while I anxiously waited!! Some things we tried this week were starting their wake time earlier, we tried to be more scheduled with their nap and bedtime. one twin screams the house down going to bed lately, he was actually holding onto me as I got closer to his cot tonight. I have really only had a chance to scan sections of the book so far today but tonight I sat on the floor beside him… within 15 minutes he was fast asleep! A major record lately, it’s been up to 3 hours some nights! The other twin is usually the problem during the night & only woke once last night so I’m looking forward to making more changes and hopefully improving all our sleep and routines. Fingers crossed we’re off to a great start
Hi Lucy…I bought your book last week in Tesco Douglas. I have tweaked naps as per your book for my 7month old as she woke on the hour at night and cat napped through the day. As a result of sticking to a routine for the first few days she is having 2 or 3 naps during the day now and wakung either once or twice at night which is a huge improvement for us. Thank you so much, I have recommended your book to a few friends.