This is a perfect present for any new parents.

Hi Lucy! My little boy is 13 months now. My mam bought your book for me when my baby boy was around 6 months old. I can honestly say it was one of the best presents! Our baby had just moved into his own room and we had decided it was time to start gently trying to get him into some semblance of a routine!! I started with daytime naps and followed your methods. I had a few difficult days getting him to go for naps but it clicked after a few days.. My clever boy responding well to your techniques 😀 once I had daytime naps mastered our next step was moving bedtime forward. Honestly there were nights when all 3 of us wouldn’t get to bed until 1130pm wondering where the day went….so how on earth would we manage a 7pm bedtime? Guess what? It worked!! Not straight away obviously but it didn’t take too long. I remember us sitting in front of the t.v. at 730pm wondering how we’d been doing it so wrong until now! Hindsight is a wonderful thing but we were 1st time parents just trying to figure it out! When Liam was 8 months i followed your techniques for night weaning and within 5 nights, night feeds were a thing of the past .. albeit there were 2 difficult nights. Worth it in the long run! Our baby is such a happy little boy who is in such a great routine so is well rested. I cannot recommend your book highly enough Lucy…in fact since I got it I have been recommending it at any possible opportunity….when something works why not share the secret?! This is a perfect present for any new parents. Thank you Lucy