Lucy’s approach is gentle and kind to the child…and the parents

Our little boy, a happy healthy 13 month old was full of the joys of life, but he was the worst sleeper in the world!!! He was breast, parent AND bed dependent. We were barely getting through the day as he was waking every 2 hours. Eventually we enlisted the help of Lucy and it is hands down THE BEST thing we have ever done!

Beginning the journey was very emotional for me as a mother, weaning, moving him into his own bed and room was very difficult, but working with Lucy made it so much easier. Lucy’s approach is gentle and kind to the child…and the parents!But for us it was most important that this would be as easy on our son as possible. Lucy herself is great to work with, she is clear, upfront and tells it like it is. You know where you stand and you feel supported at each stage.

It’s not an easy process but it is worth every minute. We now have an even happier healthier little boy, who is fully weaned, sleeps through the night. He can self sooth and put himself to sleep. We are a much happier and rested family!

I would recommend Lucy to any family.