I am so grateful, your book is my life saver.

I had contacted you when my little girl was 14 weeks regarding day time nap problems, she only slept for a very short time and was always crying at nap time.

She was waking for feeds (2 or 3) during the night also but I was willing to go with this as she was so young.
It took about 8 weeks for her to achieve the sleeping feeding routine outlined in your book. I was so delighted when she finally got into a routine and the naps were an hour and a half long!!! Heaven!! I had to take a break from the routine of 2 weeks due to me getting sick – I think I would have achieved the naps quicker had I been able to continue straight through.

So at 24 weeks I had her doing so well during the day but the nights weren’t so great, she was waking up more often (4 times) and wanted a little bit of bottle to go back to sleep. Back to your book I went. And it only took 3 nights to get her to sleep through the night! I’m still in shock! 3 weeks in now and she will only wake for a dummy re plug maybe twice, or not at all.

I am so grateful, your book is my life saver. I feel normal again. A sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart.